Hi! I'm Sara, 24, cat and book lover, resident in beachy Brighton. I was diagnosed bipolar in October 2013 and am currently taking Abilify, Sertraline and Atarax to help relieve the symptoms. I am also committed to positive lifestyle changes and hope that my blog will help others on their own journey of recovery. I would like to thank my friends and family, without whose continued support I would not have gotten this far :)

Friday, 12 December 2014

Suspended in Time

Today has been pretty blah, somewhat stable though.  I completed modules on moocs in Business, digital marketing and graphic design.  I tampered with Wordpress some more and managed to install a layout but not get it to line up properly, gr! I watched more mind-numbing television with my dad, it's pleasent enough just hanging out with him though.

Oh, and I finally got my photography blog together >http://intrepidmoog.blogspot.co.uk/, check it out if you want to see records of my jaunts across the world.  There's some serious psychedelia condensed in it's pages!

Overall I'm just counting down the days to Brighton, and then to Christmas.  The days kind of drag, although recently I've made efforts to learn some new things.  Stops my brain collapsing into Hibernation.

I'm like the hanged man right now, suspended in time, waiting for the wheels of fate to spin into motion.

I'm in limbo, waiting for paperwork and money to come through. Scouting opportunities but still no idea as to whether I can take them.  It's strange. Oh, and I'm skint. Horrendously poor. I'm relying on the good graces of many people and by God does it feel crappy.

I had a dream that I dragged a train (don't ask me how) across a rocky outcrop and an ocean.  My dreams have been vivid as of late.

I'm putting off the inevitable by not writing, I need to get into it to start fully realizing my dreams.  At least with this I get some practise, though I kind of feel sorry for anyone that stumbles on these late night ramblings!

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